Frequently asked questions

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1) Can I add further buttons and customisations?


Easy Ribbon Builder allows you to very quickly customise the following elements - Ribbon Tab, Groups, Simple buttons, Split buttons, Menus and Drop-down buttons with up to 1100 clickable buttons.  This is enough for 90% of applications.

However, if you need further customisations, you can edit the code in the customUI.xml file of the final excel workbook that Easy Ribbon Builder publishes with the free RibbonX tool.  It is only recommended to add code and not modify existing code.  The existing code was populated by Easy Ribbon Builder and its macros may be corrupted if you modify the existing XML code.  I do not support XML coding, Click here for documentation of how to do this XML coding.

2) Can I create a ribbon tab and merge this with an existing spreadsheet?


by following these steps:

1. Create your ribbon on a new workbook with Easy Ribbon Builder.

2. Open both the spreadsheet with your ribbon and the one you'd like to merge with.

3. Copy the sheets from the existing workbook across.  Do this by right clicking on the sheet tab > click move or copy > check 'create a copy' > click 'To book' drop-down menu > select the spreadsheet that has your ribbon > click ok

4. Copy across all modules and forms by going to VBA project explorer window and drag all the modules and forms across into the spreadsheet with your ribbon.  

3) Why not just customize ribbons using Excels inbuilt tool?

Excel’s tool has the following limitations:

  • Ribbons can only be built for your computer not an individual workbook. This means you cannot share your ribbon and buttons with anyone else, making it very ineffective.
  • Can only add simple buttons.
  • No ability to customise hover comments.
  • No ability to customise dynamic ribbon changes.
  • Limited number of icons to choose from.

4) What other solutions are available?

I was motivated to build Easy Ribbon Builder by how frustrated I became with other solutions available, which had at least one of the following problems:

  • Requires XML coding. This can take weeks, Yuck!
  • Requires reading a manual to figure it out, Yuck!
  • Researching ImageMSO ID’s across websites to find desired image.
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t work. Many solutions I tried had bugs and the provider would not fix it.

Designing a ribbon is so powerful as you can turn Excel into anything.  Easy Ribbon Builder empowers anyone to build a ribbon within minutes, without reading a manual. It also has an inbuilt image search tool and populates ribbon objects so they can all be manipulated in VBA code later.  Piece of cake 😊

5) Do you offer refunds?


I have a much more flexible policy than most software companies.  I offer refunds for problems causing Easy Ribbon Builder to malfunction, even if it is 3rd party applications. I’ll first try and fix the problem first.

Note that all refunds will result in the product being deactivated.

6) What support do you offer?

I support the user experience of the software.  Contact me on anytime.  I value customer care unlike a lot of other software companies.  This free support covers the first 180 days from purchase.

However, I do not support VBA coding unless it relates to issues with the code created by Easy Ribbon Builder.  If you do not want to programme your own VBA functions then get in touch with me and I’ll provide a free quote to do this for you.  

7) Is my device compatible?

This software works on Excel 2010 and above on windows PC.  It does not work on mobile phones or Mac PCs.  There maybe systems not mentioned that it will work on, just we haven't tested it.  If you try the trial version on your device you can check if it is compatible simply by checking if it works.

You can buy with confidence.  If your device is not compatible I will try and work with you to get it working and failing that will offer you a refund. 

    8) Can I sell an excel workbook produced by Easy Ribbon Builder?

    Yes of course

    9) If I purchase the product is this only for 1 person to use?  What if I want a large team to use it?

    The product has a licence for a single user.  If you have a team using it please contact me and I’ll offer a discounted rate.  It will be significantly cheaper for a large team.


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