Hi I'm Duncan O'Donnell and am so excited you stumbled across this site!  I am a 34-year-old Electrical Engineering Consultant who lives in Auckland New Zealand.  In my spare time I take my daughter to the park, play tennis and have a beer with my mates.

In a recent Excel VBA job, my client wanted a professional looking ribbon tab rather than the ugly command buttons I was using.  My response was "Yeah no worries", I mean how hard can this be?   After days of tolling the web, I came to a scary realisation that I needed to do XML coding.  Three weeks later I learnt XML and completed the ribbon but was fuming, I mean really fuming.  Why on earth do I need to do pre-historic coding to get something so modern and powerful??? 

It then became my mission to make it as easy as possible to create an Excel ribbon tab.  I spent many months developing Easy Ribbon Builder, it was hard work but am very satisfied with this very special tool that is so simple and affordable that anyone can use it.