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Companies are looking for the latest automation tools. You can now do this in Excel with minimal cost. First build your own Excel tab with Easy Ribbon Builder. Then develop Excel VBA code that actions when buttons in your tab are clicked.

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Example project using Easy Ribbon Builder


A creative design is one that is awesomely simple and intuitive - the Easy Ribbon Builder is just that. Customizing Excel ribbon requires either XML knowledge or work-arounds using CustomUI addins; Easy Ribbon Builder is an out-of-the-box idea that lets you state your needs on a Table and the creative VBA coding translates that to a Ribbon - on the fly. The way this idea was conceptualised and executed is outstanding.

Anil Ayyar - Software Product Specialist

Easy creation of the buttons in the ribbon (the software gives you a table which you just fill in & link macros). And that fact that I can share it with coworkers and they get the same set of functions in the custom ribbon without the need to do anything.

Kate Sobolewska - Software Product Manager

Email from Excel - Try this example

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The fastest way to automate

Using excel to automate business processes is very popular as it can be done fast without involving IT departments.

However developing a ribbon tab as a user-interface is the pain point. Coding in XML can take weeks and other solutions require users to read a manual to figure it out, Yuck!     Easy Ribbon Builder is so simple anyone can build their own ribbon within minutes.

In summary, Easy Ribbon Builder creates the fastest starting point for anyone to automate business processes.